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Singtel Trade-In is a company that offers you the facility to exchange your recent smartphone with a new one. AS we know that this a modern era and everyone wants the latest version and model of their smartphone so that they can avail more facilities and functionalities offered by their smartphones. When the new model is launched in the market, everyone wants to capture it but it is not much easy to get the brand new latest smartphone model at an affordable price. That’s why people try to exchange it with their old one. While this technique worth a little bit but not too much as they expect because the traders purchase the old smartphone in a very low price which is not enough amount to get the new smartphone model in their budget.
Well, the Singtel Trade In company offers lots of facilities in this regard. They offer you a complete exchange facility by which you can get a brand new smartphone at a very reasonable price. There is no need to sell your old smartphone at a low price. You just simply visit our shop, give us your old one and pick up any other smartphone that you want.


Singtel Trade-In offers you the facility in which you will be able to get the new smartphone by only giving your old smartphone and paying a little amount of money. In this way, you can easily trade your old smartphone with a new one. By this technique, you don’t have to pay the complete amount of the latest smartphone. You just give an old smartphone and have the latest model of your smartphone at the most affordable price. You can also get any other smartphone brand in exchange of yours which means you can have an iPhone in exchange for Samsung.


1. You don’t have to give a full payment of new handset. Just simply pay a little amount with your old smartphone and get the new one.
2. Our experts will not check the condition of your smartphone. That means you can get the new smartphone even your old smartphone is not in good condition
3. You can any of the smartphone brands in exchange of yours. You can easily avail the best smartphone brand if you are currently using the local one.
4. We offer warranted products so that our customer can get complete satisfaction related products. In this case, if there occurs any kind of problem, we will fix it without any cost.


There are various authorised distributors & partner outlets in Singapore who sell this Amazing product.

If you stay in these areas we are there:

1. BUGIS Hp: 9729 2739
2. YISHUN Hp: 9788 0587
3. BEDOK Hp: 9777 7509


Here are some of the amazing services that you will get from us.

1. You can sell your phone regardless of the condition. We will not check the condition of your phone
2. You will not have to pay for the repair of the phone
3. It will take only a few seconds and you will get the money you want.
4. You will not have to deal with any issues while the selling process. Just make sure that you bring the box or the bill that proves the phone is yours.


Q1: What smartphone brand do you deal with?

A: We deal with all type of smartphone brands. You can exchange any smartphone brand with yours.

Q2: How much cost I have to pay?

A: It depends upon the condition of your old phone and the price of the new one that you want to get, but definitely, it will be low from the market rate.

Q3: How long warranty do you offer?

A: We offer 3 months warranty over all products. In this duration, If there occur any kind of problem, we will fix it for free.